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Hesi Root Complex 2,5 litros

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Hesi Root Complex 2,5 litros
Hesi Root Complex 2,5 litros #0
Hesi Root Complex 5 litros
Hesi Root Complex 5 litros
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Hesi Root Complex 0,5 litro
Hesi Root Complex 0,5 litro
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Hesi Root Complex 1 litro
Hesi Root Complex 1 litro
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Hesi Root Complex 2,5 litros
Hesi Root Complex 2,5 litros
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Hesi Root Complex 10 litros
Hesi Root Complex 10 litros
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2.500 mL0,50, 25 L0,50
Coco, Hidro, Hidrocultivo, Sustrato de coco, Tierra
Palabras clave
Propagación de estacas Hierro Vitaminas Stimulación para los raíces


Root stimulator for "kick-starting" plants in soil, hydro and coco. For strong and vital plants. Improves the immune system of the plants against stress. For all cultures (soil, hydro, coco). Enhances the absorption of nutrients and stimulates soil
bacteria. For a healthy green color, sturdy stems and a strong root growth.

Hesi Root Complex is an elixir for clones and young plants, but also for mother plants and plants under stress. Root Complex is a combination of trace elements with vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes) that provides young plants with an optimal start. In addition, Root Complex ensures a thicker stem and a strong root system. After repotting and other stressful circumstances, Hesi Root Complex improves the overall condition of the plant. Root Complex stimulates a maximum colonization of healthy micro-organisms in the medium. Root Complex is ideal for mother plants and clones. Add some Hesi Root Complex to the mother plant a few days before the clones are cut, this will ensure that the new plants will already have all the required substances for taking root rapidly.

Dosage: 50 ml / 10 L, With long-term use: 25ml / 10 L

Instructions for use: Pour in the feeding water, this can also be done in combination with SuperVit, PowerZyme and other nutrients.

Developed particularly for cuttings or plants in stress situations like repotting.
If you want to take cuttings, feed the mother plant regularly 25ml per 10l plantwater.
Hesi Root Complex is pH neutral and can be fed in combination with a fertilizer.
Hesi Root Complex contains trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes.


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