Kit ventilador de extracción 200 m³/h
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Kit ventilador de extracción 200 m³/h

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Exhaust and odor control play a vital role in indoor growing. For the first steps, this kit is the right tool.

Comes with:
  • CarbonActive Activated carbon filter 100mm - 200m³/h, filters all kinds of odor from the exhaust.
  • CAN Fan 100mm - 200m³/h, reliable and very quiet.
  • Flexible plastic duct hose diam. 100mm, 2 meters on a roll, no insulation for noise reduction.
  • 2x duct hose clamps to connect the hoses with fan and filter.
  • mains connection
If you need the flexible duct hose in another length, please state that on your order form under "comment."

What size do I need?

The dimensions of your grow room is the most important thing to determine the size of your exhaust fan.
We don't go too much into detail here but it's better to use an exhaust with more power than less because a heat build-up might damage your plants.

How to measure the volume of your grow room:

1. Dimensions
Height x Width x Depth of the room (e.g. 2.5m x 3 m x 2.5m=18.75m²)
2. Allowance for the activated carbon filter
Add approx. 35% to the room volume since the carbon filter reduces the power (18.75m² x 0.35=6,56)
3. Allowance for the duct hose
Per meter duct hose add approx. 1m² -» in our kit 2 meters - 2 x 1= 2 m²
4. Determine the exhaust volume
In a room we need an air exchange of minimum 12 x room volume per hour. In grow cabinets approx. 30 x. 12x(18.75 + 2 + 6,56) = 327 m³

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et zur Luftreinigung 180 m³/h - 100mm CarbonActiv

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autór maik fecha 9/06/14

keine schelle,vom filter zum lüfter....abseluter obergau!!!!!!!!!! sonst alle gut...

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